During this pregnancy the aches and pains have gotten worse over time but never really thought much of them. Over the last couple of weeks though, I’ve been struggling so bad! Simple tasks such as walking, getting comfy in bed and putting shoes on have become a massive chore and I’ve been in agony

From the moment I get out of bed (when I can eventually get myself out of bed), I have pains and waddle downstairs, the pressure on my pelvis walking downstairs is agony, getting dressed is hard- I get a shooting pain up the middle of my lady garden. The last few days getting out of the car have been hard, I have to turn myself all the way around before I get out because spreading my legs apart is agony too! During the night, I can’t get comfy and I get pains down in my lady bits even when laid down, they have eased abit now I use a pillow inbetween my legs but still not comfortable at all! 

As the pains have been down in my lady bits and hips the first thing that popped into my head was; oh no, not another water infection. So I booked in with the GP last week& took a wee sample with me for them to test. The gent tested it and it was completely clear, at first I didn’t actually believe him because these pains surely weren’t normal. I then talked myself into it being thrush but haven’t actually seen anyone about that because I have no symptoms of thrush at all and didn’t fancy a speculum (I’ve had two this pregnancy- when I was bleeding) they’re bloomin horrible. 

This morning I was sat watching tele and randomally thought about SPD. Earlier on this pregnancy I was getting mild pains and was told it could be SPD but then the pains eased off and I didn’t think much of it so I googled it and up came all the symptoms and I have ALL of them! Every single one, I suffer with! 

I’m glad that I’ve found out what it is because of my anxiety I worry anyway! I was scared something was wrong with my baby or my body was failing this pregnancy, so to be able to relax and know it’s not something out of the ordinary and many suffer, I feel loads better! 

I hope if your pregnant and reading this, it’s put your mind at rest too! Pregnancy can be so hard! 

You can read more on SPD here. 

E x 


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