Picking a name 

When we picked Alfies name it was so quick and easy! As soon as we knew he was a boy at our 20 week scan, I typed ‘boys names’ in Google and up popped a list! The first one I set my eyes on was Alfie and he was Alfie since then. This time was much harder, I don’t know why, I think because I wanted one that went well with Alfie and I am pretty fussy! 

We only had a few on our list; Charlie, Rory to name a couple. I like ‘cute’ names (no one understands what I mean by that). 

On Christmas Day, me and Zach were talking about names for our wriggly baby bump and we both decided on Theo. I don’t think he’ll be a Theodore which we get asked a lot! Just Theo!

Alfie doesn’t have a middle name, Theo won’t either. 

Alfie & Theo Martin- My babies 🙂


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