Potty Training 

With it being half term this week, we decided to go for the potty training. The main reasoning for doing this is I really wanted Alfie out of nappies before the baby arrives. Nappies are expensive and buying 2 lots a week would be expensive and unfortunately I can’t afford the expense of both!

Alfie has been doing absolutely fabulous, don’t get me wrong- he’s had accidents. But one a day, no more than that. He is 3 in April so he’s more than ready & he’s taken it in his stride and I’m so impressed and proud of my little man.

We started Monday, I put pants on him and would ask every 2 minutes if he needed the toilet. I would encourage him to go but as the weeks gone on I’ve relaxed abit more, still asking but no where near as much and now he knows when to go himself! 

I was planning on staying in this week but circumstances have changed and we’ve needed to pop out quite a bit and we’ve never had an accident out which is so impressive! I think it’s a novelty going to the toilet in every place we go!

At night, he’s wearing pull ups, but one day at a time. Being dry in the day is the first big step and I can only assume the night will soon follow.. How can you train someone when they’re asleep!?? 

It’s pretty upsetting to think that Alfie will not be my baby anymore soon but I can’t slow the time down so I’m trying to embrace it! 
E x

Potty by IKEA


One thought on “Potty Training 

  1. Sounds like he’s doing really well. We aren’t quite ready in our house but will be tackling it at some stage this year. I’m also planning to wait until BattleKid is nearer 3 before we start (he was 2 last month). Thanks for sharing!


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