Alfies nursery update

Alfie started nursery in September 2015, he wasn’t keen at the start. He would cry every morning when I dropped him off and he was very quiet but ooh, how times have changed!! 

He loves it now! He only goes Monday and Wednesday but asks to go everyday. His development has come on so much and sending him to nursery was the best thing I ever did, honestly!

He can count, knows what shapes are, tells me about the weather every morning and he’s in love with one of his teachers. He doesn’t leave her side all day but I’m guessing he’s kind of using her as a safety blanket and at least I know he feels safe and happy when he’s with Fiona. He will play with the other kids but always checks to see where his teacher is. She leaves an hour before he finishes so he can he there without her, she’s just his favourite. 

He’s recently coming home talking about all the other children which I think is adorable! He tells me who he plays with and what they play with. He loves the company of the other children and i love the rest!

I’m hoping to start sending him an  extra day soon, now I’ve finished work for maternity I don’t have days where I’m rushing for work so I can take him to nursery and have a rest. He will be happy enough going more days so we’ll see! 

E x


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