Pregnancy | WEEK 16

Its been 4 weeks since my last pregnancy update. Unfortunately I’ve not been well (morning sickness) and had no motivation to blog and then last week I ended up with a water infection. 

This pregnancy is by far the hardest of my two pregnancies. So many aches, pains and generally feeling rubbish. The morning sickness is still going strong even though I am managing to eat now, the nausea was the first sign of being pregnant for me and 10 weeks later it’s still here! I’m losing my mind with it, I hate being poorly and it’s really getting me down. 

I was then hit with a water infection which was making me physically sick which wasn’t particularly great when I was already feeling ill 24/7. I had to take antibiotics, I’m no good with tablets and I was bringing them back up again. I nearly ended up in hospital twice but I had already been prescribed antisickness tablets so I managed to start taking my antibiotics with those and kept them down. Thankfully.

My anxeity went through the roof while I had my water infection, I convinced myself I had hurt my baby and the tablets would not be good for my baby. I was feeling movements before but during this week there was nothing at all. 

I rang my midwife to see if she could maybe listen to the baby so I can get some reassurance but she was very dismissive and told me that it was highly unlikely that the tablets would hurt my baby. I wasn’t eating, I was living on water and tablets… Literally. I didn’t feel pregnant anymore and was thinking the absolute worst. 

The beginning of this week I had an appointment with the midwife, it was a different lady who was very lovely and was very supportive of my anxeity issues. She made me feel lots better and she found the heartbeat!!! You can not imagine how over the moon I was when I heard it. I had a week of convincing my self that I wasn’t pregnant anymore and that my baby wouldn’t have a heartbeat so to know that the baby is there and their heart is beating away was a massive relief for me! I kept out the midwife room grinning from ear to ear. 

On Saturday, (31st) we have our gender scan!! I never had one with Alfie, I just had the routine scans but if you read my 12 week pregnancy update, I was very worried about something on my scan photo and couldn’t wait to see my baby again until 20 weeks so I booked a private scan and went for the gender scan while i was paying for the money for one. It’s £79 which yes, is expensive but I need that reassurance. 

Alfie has been a little star during all this, Ive spent a lot of time asleep especially the last couple of weeks and he’s been great sitting in bed with me watching tele and reading books to me. He’s a great big brother already.

E x


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