Pregnancy and depression 

Those two words shouldn’t be together but unfortunately some people do suffer from it and it’s blooming horrible. 

I was on anti depressants when I fell pregnant but decided to stop taking them as I would rather my baby grew in an environment where I didn’t have to put tablets into my body. I know people do, that’s fine but I decided that I didn’t want that during my pregnancy. 

So, what I’m going to say now, you will probably say it’s my own fault and yes maybe it is. 

I’ve been feeling low, had no motivation to do anything. (Going out, Shower, getting out of bed, brushing my teeth, housework) you name it, I find it a massive task to do. 

I’ve been referred for counselling by my midwife and I’m anxiously waiting by the phone for the centre to ring me so I can go and speak to someone. I know people are probably a lot worse than me, depression is shit and I’ve been in that pitch black hole where there’s no way to escape so I know there’s people who need the services more than me. 

I’ve tried motivating myself, it just doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. I’m trying to stay positive. 

Suffering from sickness constantly during the day, really doesn’t help. I dread going out incase I throw up in a shop or in the car. 

As soon as the sickness starts fading (hopefully soon now I’ve hit the second trimester) I can start getting out more and enjoying my pregnancy like I did with Alfie. 
E x


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy and depression 

  1. aww big hugs to you!! i think sometimes pregnancy does make you feel like poop most of the time. Hope the morning sickness goes away soon! I stopped taking my anti depressants when i found out i was pregnant too. It’s not easy but you’ll get there. You know where i am if you need a chat! xx


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