PND update 

As most of you know I’m pregnant with my second child but that doesn’t mean the post natal depression just disappeared and now I’m fine because I’m pregnant. If anything, it’s worse. 

I came off my tablets a month ago now and considering I don’t take any tablets for my depression I’ve done exceptionally well, even if I do say so myself. 

I’ve been feeling low, fed up, and I have very little patience recently. I get angry at silly things, my depression mixed with my hormones from this pregnancy is a very intense feeling and some days I’ll be on the top of everything and the next I’ll wonder what I’m even doing with my life anymore. 

The PND is still there, in the back of my mind. I have midwife appointments and scans to think about so the thoughts related to depression have been overtaken by the busyness of everything at the moment. 

It’s easy for any mental illness to be pushed to the side and to put it all down to hormones.. Which recently many have done, I’ll say I feel really lonely and angry. And it’ll be ‘HORMONES’.. 

I’m not expecting it to be an easy ride, I still need a shoulder to cry on every now and then. I’ve tried reaching out on Twitter without much luck recently. I still need support and I hope Twitter can still be my place of release when everything gets to much and be used for those times I need someone more than ever. 

E x


3 thoughts on “PND update 

  1. Hi, sending hugs, I have PND too, currently recovering (slowly) Are there any support groups for you locally? I had pretty much nothing where we lived before but have just moved to England and there are lots of good groups here, try your local children’s centre if you have them where you are?

    Also this book is excellent


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