I’m pregnant! 

I wasn’t going to post this until I had my scan but I can’t keep secrets and I’ve had a few DMs via Twitter asking if I’m having another baby.

YES, I’m having another baby!!

I found out a couple of weeks ago now, after feeling very naceous all week, I had gone off food and cups of tea and felt exhausted. A couple of people had said ‘oh I’m like that when I’m pregnant’. It didn’t cross my mind but thought I best do a test so I could at least rule it out if I wasn’t. I did a pregnancy test last Friday and it was positive. 

It was a shock, I was excited but nervous. Was I ready for another little one? Especially after PND with Alfie and his traumatic birth but it’s obviously meant to be or it wouldn’t have happened. I’m a great believer in ‘trust the timing of your life’. 

Alfie wasn’t planned but now I can’t imagine my life without him. Hes a blessing. He knows he will be having a baby brother or sister. He constantly cuddles & kisses my tummy, he seems excited so far. 

I have no idea how many weeks as I’m rubbish with my periods so I have an early scan on Monday 7th Sept. 

I had an early scan with Alfie on the 10th September 2012, and he was 8weeks and 5 days. So I wonder if it’ll be roughly the same. 

I would prefer this not to be mentioned on Facebook just yet as not all my family and friends know about it. I’m waiting for the scan for that. But i figured since most of Twitter had figured it out that I may aswell make it official to you all, the support i receive from all of you has always got me through the bad times of my PND so I figured it was time to share this exciting news with you all 🙂 

  E x


10 thoughts on “I’m pregnant! 

  1. You go with your lovely womb! Those tests are really clever aren’t they. Hope you’re enjoying having a special little secret xx


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