The dummy has gone.

Yes, I did it! 

To be completely honest, it wasn’t as bad as expected. He’s not had his dummy for nearly a week now. He asked for it at the start but he’s not asked since. I’ve had to be really strong, when he’s been moaning and crying for no reason I’ve been so close to giving in but I’ve stayed strong and so glad I have. 

People have given me tips on giving away dummies but Alfie knows the bin men have them and waves to the bin men every time we see them out and about. 

He’s become such a chatterbox since he hasn’t had a dummy, he used to talk through his dummy which was abit annoying if I’m honest but he hasn’t stopped talking since he’s not had it and it’s lovely. 

He’s got a funny personality, a beautiful smile and he seems to have grown up all of a sudden now he doesn’t have a dummy stuck out his mouth. He’s not a baby anymore! 



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