Monthly bucket list- July 

In July I’ve got a few things I really need to get on with. Some are probably not exciting for you to read but if i write them down, I’ll have the push to get them done or at least start them! 

Get Alfie potty trained– I have recieved a letter for alfie to start nursery in September so I really want to get Alfie potty trained before then. I’ve been trying for a while but I’m so impatient and I know that’s not exactly useful but as soon as he has an accident I put a nappy on him. It’s frustrating because he will do so well and then all of a sudden he will be like ‘I’m weeing’ but not going to his potty! Why child, why??

Get Alfie to sleep in his own bed- he did so well a month or so ago by sleeping in his own bed. But then all of a sudden he had a nightmare and will not go anywhere near his bed and tells me that ‘spiders are coming’ I’ve tried to tell him that spiders are our friends but I don’t know what else can I do?

Get Alfies dummy off him- this is one of the hardest and I’ve been trying for months. I wish I had took it off him before now because now he is a tantrumming toddler he will scream for it and chuck stuff. He’s a mare!!! Proper little boy! Wish me luck! 

Take alfie to the seaside- he loved the beach on holiday and we only live an hour or so away from Skegness so hoping to take him as the weather is nice at the moment too 🙂 

treat myself to new clothes and/or make up- I’ve been feeling really low lately, I’m putting so much pressure on myself trying to be the perfect mother that I work around like a homeless person. I need to take more pride in my appearance but finding the time and the effort is proving difficult. 

• new glasses- I’m sure I’m due an eye test this month, I hope so. My eyes are getting worse and I hate my glasses that I wear now so I fancy a change. Along with my new make up and clothes, I’m hoping that by the end of the month I will be abit happier about myself. 


2 thoughts on “Monthly bucket list- July 

  1. Big month! Let me tell you how my clever sis in law ended the dummy situation. We went on a holiday and she explained that at the end of the holiday we would be leaving the dummies for the babies. She then had a word with reception and before we left my niece handed in a bag full of dummies and was given a big girl barbie (bought by mum) in exchange! The dummies were never mentioned again 🙂


  2. How has the potty training and dummy gone? We need to start thinking about these too but I don’t know where to start
    Hope you made it to the beach. So sorry for late reply darl xx


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