You know your a child of a blogger when.. 

You know your the child of a blogger when; 

• you do something funny and she makes you do it again.. And again.. And again… Until she captures it perfectly to show everyone on social media. I’m not a clown mum. 

• when your not aloud your tea until she’s took a photo of it.. Why? Food is for eating mother and I’m bloody hungry over here!

• everything she takes a photo of has to look so good so we stand there for about 10 minutes taking a picture of a daisy or a tree. We look stupid stood here mum so I run off when I get bored. 

• we go out searching for ages for stuff she’s seen on people’s blogs, homeware and clothes for me.. Why don’t you just ask where it’s from? It would save loads of time you know? 

• when she’s on her phone for ages and I’m trying to get her attention but being good doesn’t get her attention so I do something naughty instead, she soon listens to me then. 

• when she makes you stand there for 5 minutes to get a photo of your new outfit.. Is it really that important to show everyone what I’m wearing?

• when I do something naughty and she gets upset and starts telling everyone on Twitter.. And every other parent on there agrees with her.

Who runs the world, Girls. 


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12 thoughts on “You know your a child of a blogger when.. 

  1. hahaha I love this and so true. My mom and I were just saying I wonder what they will do when they find out in school that not all their friends Moms make them stand against the garage door for a snapshot or stand on a chair to take photos of dinner. lol Too funny. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


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