My ikea wish list

Ive planned a trip to Nottingham Ikea next week and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve never been to ikea, ever! And I never really bothered with ikea either until very recently I came across the website and took a peek and I kind of wish I hadn’t in a way!

I’ve seen so much I want and I think I will have to set myself a budget when I go or I’ll spend millions. Some of the cutest stuff is so cheap but it soon adds up and I do get carried away! 

I’ve made a wish list, (shopping list) haha of what takes my fancy. 

Lantern, Canvas, Glass vase, Plant Pot. 
Table, Chair, Russian Dolls.

Shelving Unit, Kitchen.
I like cute little decorative accessories so those little accessories take my fancy and I don’t need anything big. Where as alfie needs some storage for the masses of toys can be stored away neatly. I’m so OCD, and I hate toys all over so the shelving unit would be perfect. And the little table and chair to do messy play and eat his meals would be perfect! 

How cute is that kitchen too! He has a plastic one but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Wooden kitchens and this one is so adorable! The Russian dolls are a cute accessory that he can have on top of his shelving unit or his windowsill. 

I know, for a fact, this trip is not going to end well and I’m going to end up coming back with a car full of stuff! 



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