‘Social’ Media

Have you noticed ‘social media’ is actually that sociable, in this day and age everything is done on your phone. Catching up with friends, online banking and buying stuff! 

Social media is taking over our lives and it’s quite sad really. We talk to people on facebook, Twitter and whatever else people use use now a days but we very rarely have a conversation with people face to face without checking our phones. I, for one, am very guilty of this and I do spend a lot of time on my phone. I will admit it. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is right at my finger tips and without even thinking I will unlock my phone and check my social media accounts. I don’t even think I just do it now. It never changes and it’s always the same thing going on so why do we feel like we have to be on them constantly all day, everyday. Not everyone goes on them that much, I know that but I do, And many people i know do. 

You walk down the street and see people with there heads down on there phones even if they’re with friends. They’re not having a conversation they’re just together looking at there phones. Liking each other’s facebook status and looking at photos when your actually together!

It really is affected people’s ability to talk to each other and it does hinder relationships. I find it a massive factor, lots of arguments couples have now a days is over being on your phone to much, or speaking people to maybe shouldn’t be! 

But then there is a positive side, you can be yourself and; for me, talking about my post natal depression to people that understand is very very important to me. It makes me feel better that I’m not on my own and there’s people out there that suffer just as much as I do and worse in some cases. The support network (especially the #pndchat #pndfamily run by Rosy (@pndandme) is the best you can get. I know for a fact if it wasn’t for the support from Twitter I would not be here today and i probably wouldn’t have come to terms with the fact that I do have a mental illness and that its ok. I would of hidden it away and pretended it didn’t exist. 

I’ve met some lovely people through my blog, Twitter, instagram and facebook and some of the ladies I hope to meet in the future, I feel like my online friends care more about me then my ‘real friends’. It shouldn’t be that way but I rarely talk to my ‘real’ friends anymore. 

I personally think you just need to get the balance right, it’s part of the modern day world so we can’t cut it off completely but maybe change priorities. I know I’m going to try and go on my social media accounts less and cut down a lot more as I feel I often pay more attention to my phone than my son. I know, it’s so sad and I feel so awful about it but I know for a fact, that I’m not the only one.. We all do at some point, We just need to realise what the priorities in our lives are. 

Does anyone else feel the same as me? 


3 thoughts on “‘Social’ Media

  1. I feel like social media has worked wonders for my wider relationships. I can be a bit introverted so I’m not the best at staying in touch and social media helps me reach out more often. Probably had a negative effect on my marriage though. Put it this way, we’re both on our laptops now.


  2. Oh Emma you’re blogging again, yey!! And what a great post. I totally agree. I’ve started to take a different approach to social media, trying to check it at certain times rather than all the time. It’s hard!!! But I agree with you, our focus should be much more on our children.xx


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