Alfies Outdoor Toy Wants..

Now we have our own house and a garden that has (eventually!!) had turf down i can start thinking about outdoor toys for Alfie. He knows what he wants, we were looking through the Argos book and he told me what he wanted. 

He loves being outside and I know if i got him a few toys he would be well away and would probably happily play out there all day if the weather is nice! 

These outdoor toys are all from Argos. He choose the Turtle Sand PitChad Valley Junior SlidePaddling Pool with inflatables and the Playhouse

He would love it if he had all these but unfortunately I don’t have that much money so I can’t afford all of them. The top on the list for me is the playhouse, he has been after one for ages. He loved the ones in toys r us when we visited earlier in the year, and he loves going in and out and having his own little space to play. 

He would spend hours in it so it will be my first purchase, I may look for cheaper alternatives but I’ll keep an eye out and hope I catch a bargain. 

What toys does your little one love outside? 


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