Alfie- you’re two! 

First of all I would like to apologise to my readers for my absence in the blogging world lately. I don’t seem to have had the time, energy or motivation to actually blog lately but I’ve made a pledge that I’m going to try abit harder!

On the 27th of April, it was Alfies second birthday. 2! My baby is 2! I can’t quite believe how the time has flown. It’s crazy. 

We went to a farm park for the day and Alfie absolutely loved seeing all the animals. He held a rabbit and he was so pleased with himself, abit scared as well but he loved having this tiny bunny on his knee stroking it. It was adorable to watch as he is such a loving caring boy. He said hello to all the animals and made the noises to them and had a massive smile on his face when they made a noise back to him. He thought they were talking to him. We also went out for some food and Alfie had a mixed grill (child’s one).

He had a lovely day and got lots of lovely cards and presents from family and friends. And thank you to all of you that wished him a happy birthday. 

He is not a baby anymore, he’s so grown up and he’s now my little boy. He knows what he wants and we can have conversations which is adorable. He amazes me everyday with something new and his memory is amazing. He will tell you things that happened last month that even I forgot about and he often finds my car keys for me! 

Im such a proud mummy to my little boy. 

(Yep. Even though he’s not a baby anymore, I still can’t get that damn dummy off him!) 


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