A PND update 

I haven’t done a PND update in a while, ive had a whirlwind last few weeks moving house and things so I haven’t really thought about how I’m feeling- I haven’t had time. 

But now that we’re settling in, I’m struggling. I’m finding it hard to be on my own with Alfie. He doesn’t listen to me and I feel like I’m constantly repeating my self, he seems to be doing things to annoy me lately. 

I don’t want to play with him, I would rather sit and have a cup of tea.. I’m getting really irritable and impatient with him. I know I sound like an absolutely awful mother. 

I’ve been trying to get out the house, going to the park and exploring our new surroundings but I just don’t feel like I want to be outside. I grin and bear it but I feel like everyone’s looking at me especially when alfie is screaming and running off for no reason at all. 

I’m in need of some support but feel like I have none at the moment. The thing is. I’m quite used to feeling like this now and I know it won’t last forever, it’s just so rubbish when I’m in that place. I will keep thinking positive and I’ll be fine. 

Just got to hold my head up high and keep smiling. 


One thought on “A PND update 

  1. Y’know what, they say that moving house is one of the most stressful things that you can do in life. I totally agree and it can really upset your apple cart. Don’t let the ‘spring has sprung, let’s get outside’ feeling get to you. Be kind to yourself.

    It’s hard making the effort to get outside when you have been able to legitimately stay inside because of crappy weather.

    Just don’t be hard on yourself, the mummy game is a learning curve, they always change, they find new ways to test us. It isn’t our fault as long as we care and you definitely seem to xxx


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