The start of our new life

Well we’ve moved, finally im standing on my own two feet. It’s been stressful, overwhelming and I think I must have gone through every emotion known to man. I’m happy that I’m finally starting my new life with my son but at the same time I’m constantly worried about money mostly. 

I’m private renting as the council list was taking to long for my liking and I just needed a way out of my life and the place i was in. It’s more expensive than council housing, but it’s a gorgeous house so it’s worth it. I get housing benefit but I still have to use my money to pay the rest of the rent myself. I drive so I have my car to run and obviously Alfie is the most expensive! He constantly eats, he’s a growing boy so I spend quite a bit on food and clothes for him. 

Thankfully I was quite organised before I moved and started getting his next size up clothes bought and packed away so I don’t need to worry about clothes for a few months. That doesn’t count for me but I wear the same old rubbish day in, day out but oh well. No one looks at me so who cares! 

I’m still getting used to being on my own, ive always lived in a house bursting with people so it’s a lot different but so relaxing. I do find it ain’t boring when alfies at his dad’s but my sister pops round to see me. Alfie is finding it very different, he’s settling in slowly but surely. He doesn’t seem to listen to me at all at the minute but that’s just a two year old toddler for you! Our new house is one minute walk from the park so I try and take him to the park and we actually don’t live far from where we go swimming now so I want to make sure we go swimming weekly as he loved it last time and it’s only £3.50 for us both. 

I will get round to showing you all around our new house this coming week so keep an eye out for those posts! 

Thanks for reading, love Emma x


9 thoughts on “The start of our new life

  1. I’m glad your settling in well, you will probably find Alfie will keep testing you, and playing up just because it’s a new place, it’s going to be a big change for the both of you. Especially because he is tackling adjusting to a new place, and being in his own room at the same time. Your doing the right thing, and I’m sure you both will be so much happier having your own space. xx
    Steph |


  2. How exciting for your new adventure. I know it’s tough and the money is always on your mind. There are some amazing budget check list to follow online each month to help sort you out so you don’t have to worry what’s going where and it will just become a routine for you and it’s great that you and Alfie have a place of your own to call home and make memories together there. I can’t wait to see it. bet it’s lovely. Enjoy it hunny the rest will fall into place. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Happy Easter! #sharewithme


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