Bakerdays Letterbox Cake

yes you read the title correct, a personalised cake that goes through your letterbox. I know, I was fascinated when I heard about these too and they are honestly so fab! 

I’ve always been really synical about sending cards out, they just get chucked in the bin sooner or later so at Christmas/ special occasions you’re lucky to get a card from me. When I saw bakerdays on Twitter as I was interested by the ‘letterbox cake’. Everyone loves a bit of cake and through the post! Just wow. 

We were sent an Easter cake to review from bakerdays, and I must say the presentation, packaging and of course the actual cake was exceptional. The cake arrives in a tin to keep it secure so it doesn’t get bashed about by the postman… It keeps it in one piece. 



They do a variety of flavour cakes. You can have chocolate or fruit cake too! Vanilla is my favourite so i went for the classic sponge. 

I was abit scared about what the cake would taste like after being shipped about but it honestly was absolutely gorgeous!! The cake was supposed to be for Alfie but I think I ate most of it!! *BAD MUM* 

The letterbox cakes are fab alternative of a card for a special occasion. They do bigger cakes and cupcakes too, so they cater for your every need and occasion. They can all be personalised too.

 Check out the website for more details on pricing and other bits and bobs available from Bakerdays

I will be going back to the website soon for Alfies birthday at the end of the month! 

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