Money matters 

Money makes the world go around..

it really does.

Everything cost so much money and it’s so confusing and very overwhelming these days as they’re so many different advertisements on different companies trying to get you to give them your money. I’ve been looking at ways to manage my money. I want to save up for mine and Alfies future- especially now we’re renting our own home- i need to keep my finances in check. 

In the future i would love to get back into hairdressing and have my own salon. This is a massive step in my life and i know i need to start saving my money so i can get it all set up in the future.

There are saving accounts through banks and websites to invest your money such as;’re  an online company that help you with your money matters, they work with you to create a portfolio tailored just to you and your money goals. The best thing is they actually do all the work for you- keeping your finances on a constant track on the way to your goals.If your looking at making your money go further for opening your own bussiness, Then nutmeg is perfect for you! Theres people avaliable for live chat, phone and email so you can rest assured that you always have someone to speak to. Nutmeg also do pensions which in this day and age is a massive thing as you need to make sure you have money when you retire from work. 

I need to do alot more reserach into the different options that are avaliable to me and speak to a financial advisor before i invest my money, especially because i can’t put a set amount in the bank every month or so. Its nice to know that there are companies out there that can help!



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