A new home.

Well if you follow me on Twitter or have kept up with my previous posts you’ll know I have a house!! I went for private renting as it was a quicker way into housing.

While I’m writing this alfie is asleep and I am chilling with a cup of tea. It’s so weird and kind of lonely. I’m so used to being surrounded by my family when living at my dads so having no one to talk to is abit weird for me. I know I’ll eventually get used to it and I hope it’s sooner rather than later. I thought I would be really happy but I’m not. I don’t really feel anything at the moment about it, it’s just new. 

Our first night in the house was last night, it was very stressful. Alfie had a bath like he does every night and then I had a shower. An hour or so later my boyfriend points up to the kitchen ceiling and says have you seen that. The ceiling was wet so we had a leaky pipe. It’s a brand new house, no one has lived here before us. Apparently all the pipes got tested before the landlords decided to rent out but surely not if it leaked as soon as we ran a bath! It’s a good job we noticed when we did and got my dad round or the ceiling could of been proper ruined. 

Alfie didn’t like the idea of sleeping last night either but I’m hoping he’ll settle in and get back into a routine very soon! 

Look out for the next blog post where I’ll be showing you around mine and Alfies home 🙂



9 thoughts on “A new home.

  1. Well congrats on the new home! Adjusting to a new home can be hard sometimes. At least it was for me. However, once I started decorating and adding my personality to my house, it started feeling like home and now I’m dreading selling it! #mummymonday


  2. Congrats on the move again hun! From the pictures I have already seen it looks beautiful. Such a shame your first night was so stressful, hope you get the leak sorted and fixed. Enjoy the space and freedom that you and Alfie now have together! I sometimes get scared living alone but it is great overall 🙂

    thank you for linking up to #mummymonday – Love Gemma – host xo


  3. Well done on your new home. I’m sure Alfie will settle soon enough. We’ve moved home twice, once when our twins were 11 months which was quite stressful as it took them a while to settle and then we moved around a month ago now and our girls are three. They settled straight away. I’m looking forward to your next post. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky


  4. Congratulations on your new home! Hope you soon get used to it and are happy there. We moved a lot when renting, each new house felt a bit weird to begin with, but then it soon became home again! 🙂 xx


  5. Congratulations on moving into your first home.
    I used to live in private accommodation until me and my little family had to move back in with my mom. You will get used to it being quiet. I can’t wait to have my own place again.


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