The journey to mine and alfies new life #5

I’m sorry that ive not been back with an update for a couple of weeks. In the last update ‘the journey to mine and Alfies new life #4’ we had just viewed the house. Well we got the house!!!! We had to wait a week or so to sign the tenancy and bits and bobs but that doesn’t matter because the day we signed the tenancy (23rd March) we got the Keys!! The keys to mine and Alfies first ever home! 

I’ve been a tad stressed lately, all the packing and sorting the utility bills and stuff. All the boring stuff is out the way and now it’s the exciting part of getting all everything in it. 

We’ve been very busy this week, lugging bits to the house. We actually do have most stuff in the house now! I bought a sofa which we picked up on Monday and that went in as soon as I got the keys. I got a tele stand off eBay for £0.99, actual bargain!! I’m not usually fan of ebay but I was very impressed with that auction win! 

I already have a favourite room and that’s the kitchen! Isn’t it just amazing!?? 


I’m aiming for our first night in the house to be Saturday! 🙂 

I still can’t get my head around the fact that at the beginning of this month I had no where to call home and now I have a gorgeous little house that is mine and Alfies. 

I wouldn’t have even gone for private housing if I didn’t have all the support from you lovely lot on Twitter so thank you so much! It means a lot!  


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