A Bit about me 

I very rarely talk about myself in much detail, about my past. So I thought I would fill you all in with a little bit about me- so you can get to know me a bit more! 

It’s like writing a little biography haha!

So, I’m Emma. And I’m 23. (24 on 13th May) just so you know. I was born in 1991 to my mother and father. My mum fell pregnant quite soon after giving birth to me and 1 year and 4 months later my sister, Nicole was born. We did everything together, we dressed the same, constantly played together and we were very rarely apart. 

Then 6 years later my littlest sister was born, my mum didn’t have an easy birth with Rebecca. Her placenta got stuck and she ruptured and left loads of blood and was not well at all. Thankfully, she made it through and all was fine.

She developed OCD after this, and it would affect us. She didn’t like sick or any of us being poorly so we couldn’t play with anyone that was poorly. If they was off school ill we couldn’t play with them when they came back to school for a few weeks. It was tough, but it was normal for us. We lost many friends and people thought we were weird when we sat there with our hands covering our mouths during lesson if we had to sit next to someone that was off. 

We didn’t eat much, we had breakfast, and school dinner but at tea we wouldn’t get a meal. One of the meals I really remember was fishcakes.. We wasn’t allowed anything with it. Just fishcakes or just hot dogs, you get the picture. When I was 10 I was anorexic, you could see my ribs and I was a very small 10 year old. (Don’t worry I made up for all the non eating and now I’m fat!!!) 

My mum and dad used to argue, really bad, they would scream at each other and me and my sisters would come running down the stairs crying hysterically telling them to stop shouting. Bearing in mind we were like 9/10 and Rebecca was 2/3 at this point. We used to sit and cry and cover our ears hoping the fighting would end. 

Eventually my mum left, she left with us various times taking all our stuff when our dad was at work and he would come back and there would be nothing left, she did this on many occasions and my dad kept having to buy new furniture- he had his own business back then so he had money but still not great really is it. Buying new furniture every few months to be taken away again.

In the end, our mum told us that she didn’t want us anymore and took us back to our dad. And that’s where we stayed for the future. She would visit every Sunday after drama school, but then soon became less frequent. Sometimes she just wouldn’t turn up, with no explanation. 

Eventually she went for good and didn’t speak to us at all. 11 years past and when I turned 18 she tried getting back in contact with me and we do talk now. She suffers from mental illness and as i suffer from this too, I have a degree of sympathy towards here however, it’s not right leaving a 4, 10& 11 year old without a mum. 

Anyway, back onto my life. My dad obviously looked after us as a single dad. He couldn’t work anymore- he gave up his business to look after us. It wasn’t possible to do it anymore, before all this he worked away. You can’t do that when you have 3 girls To look after. 

He still managed to take us on holiday 2/ 3 times a year which Im grateful for as it costs so much. You don’t realise at the time, how expensive and how much stress my dad would of been under looking after 3 girls. He took it in his stride and we all got by. 

Back to me, I went to primary school then secondry school and then onto sixth form to do A-LEVELS at my secondry school. I studied health and social care, English Language and literature, and psychology. I didn’t know what I wanted to do so I stayed on at school, I decided that I wanted to be a hairdresser after that so I went on to college and did an apprenticeship in  hairdressing and qualified! 

I fell pregnant a year after I qualified, I left there and was working in retail. I still work in retail now, I do want to get back into hairdressing but I feel I need to train again before I do as ive lost all confidence in myself. 

Now I’m a mummy to Alfie- he was born 27-04-2013 and he’s the best thing ever. I suffer with PND but he’s so worth all the stress and anxiety that came with the PND. 

Hope I haven’t bored you all with my background! But thanks for reading if you got this far!

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5 thoughts on “A Bit about me 

  1. Lovely to know a bit more about you honey x
    You’ve done so well to come through it all and are still positive. I have no experience of mental health or any words of wisdom just praise for how well you’re doing with alfie xx


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