The journey to mine and alfies new life #4 

Can’t believe I’m back with another update, all of this has happened so fast and it is abit overwhelming if I’m honest. 

We viewed the house yesterday and it’s lovely. It’s small but perfect for me and alfie. The downstairs is very open plan, as you walk in the stairs are ahead of you and to the right is the kitchen. They have put in a washing machine, tumble dryer and a cooker but I need to get everything else. In front of the kitchen is the living room is a good sized space, great for just me and Alfie, there’s patio doors going into the garden, the garden is very small but there’s a park and a massive field behind the house so that makes up for it and there’s a downstairs toilet too.

As you head up the stairs, there is a room ahead of you. It’s a good size, the bedrooms are very similar in size- not much difference at all. There’s a little landing space with a bathroom and the front bedroom going off it. In the front bedroom there is a little walk in wardrobe- initially I thought it would be a wardrobe for me or Alfie. Now thinking about it- that room may be Alfies as he can put his toys in there as he has millions! And he can hang his clothes in there without them hanging down on his toys.

I was seriously stressing about furniture but after chatting to my dad we came to an agreement that I would have the furniture out of my old room, I did buy it when I decorated that room so it is my stuff anyway. That means I have a bed, wardrobe and drawers for my room.

Money is tight so I’m afraid Alfie is going to have to stay in his cot for a while longer 😦 he’s so grown up and he deserves a big boy bed but I just don’t have the money right now, eventually I will need to get alfie some drawers for his room too but that’s not a massive thing.

I need a fridge, sofa and a tele stand. They’re the only three things on my shopping list at the moment. As I’ve said money is tight so ive been looking on EBay. They’re some pretty decent stuff but either too far away or too expensive.

I need to wait for a phone call of the lady at the council to make sure that the landlords want to go ahead with it all. Hopefully it should be Monday as the lady who owns the house said she wouldn’t keep me waiting long. It’s an old couple that own it, they’re nice enough.

Thanks for reading. And thanks for all your continued support it really does mean the world to me!


10 thoughts on “The journey to mine and alfies new life #4 

  1. Ask your local council if there is a furniture scheme. I have been in the same position of literally having to furnish an entire house on zero money. There was a furniture scheme nearby, people donate furniture they no longer want. Then people on benefits can purchase it really cheaply. I got some fantastic stuff. eBay is also good, got some bargains on there, but you do have to wait until it’s local.


  2. I second asking your council about a furniture scheme, that’s how we got most of our bits when we moved in and had nothing. Check out Gumtree and Facebook selling pages, they are often a lot cheaper than eBay. And Freecycle is worth a look too although you have to be quick! I am so pleased for you and Alfie. xxx


  3. This is great news Emma, you’ll have to send me your new address 🙂 Get onto the council furniture scheme, also do you have an IKEA near you? I picked up my wardrobe for just £35 and Archie’s bedroom furniture xxx


  4. Check on facebook lovely! I know near me there are several buy/sell/swap groups, type in that on phrase & see if there is one near you!! They’ve been a great help for me! X


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