..moving Alfie to a big boy bed

Alfie is getting too big for his cot now and he won’t sleep in it at all, total nightmare! I’ve been researching toddler beds but also seen single beds advertised with the bed rails. 

I’m after a bit of advice really, would you go for a toddler bed so they can get used to a big bed without actually being a big bed or a single bed that I would get more use out of and would last us longer?

What are your experiences? 

Thanks in advance readers! 🙂


8 thoughts on “..moving Alfie to a big boy bed

  1. I’d go for a full sized single with a rail- saves you having to replace the furniture in a couple of years. Raffy did and only ever fell out (more slid out) a couple of times and is now perfectly safe without rails and has been since about 2.5 years.
    Raffs bed isn’t particularly high and there’s carpet so he was never hurt when he ended up in the floor 🙂


  2. After having two children go through this stage I say go for the big boy bed. We are getting ready to transition our 2yo but will be buying him a twin size bed and a rail.


  3. we took the side off Bundle Number one’s cot when he was just over two years old and he still sleeps in that but if i were you i would probably go for a big boy bed and a rail better value for money than a toddler bed as he’ll be in it for years without neeeding to upsize, let us know how he gets on 🙂 x


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