The journey to mine and Alfies new life #3

I didn’t plan on being back with another update so soon but here I am, writing update number 3 on our search for a little place that me and Alfie can call home.

I’m trying not to get too excited about it but I think we may have a little 2 bedroom house lined up for us in the coming weeks. 

If you read yesterday’s blogpost then I told you all about my appointment I was attending with the private housing liaison officer, I didn’t expect much. I knew I needed a financial assessment done before anything else to work out entitlements to housing benefits and to work out whether I could in fact afford private rental or I would be better off waiting to be housed with the council. Luckily, she wrote down all my income and my potential outgoings if I took her up on her offer of this little two bed house that she already had in mind for me and my son.

The news was great, she worked out that I could afford this little house and have a bit of money leftover after bills, shopping and council tax.

She showed me photographs of this house she had in mind and it’s absolutely perfect for me and Alfie. It’s a brand new build, massive bonus as im so fussy! There’s a little cute kitchen, a good sized lounge with patio doors going onto the back garden. Perfect for the summer! Two good sized bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. I can really see myself living in this house but I’m trying not to get to excited as you never know what could happen.

She tried to arrange a viewing for me today whilst I was there but unfortunatly the landlord must of been busy as they didn’t answer. The lady took my number and told me that she’d ring when she sorts out the date and time of the viewing. If I’m happy with the property after viewing and would like to go ahead then all the paperwork can be sorted. I can get help with deposit and first months rent from the council too as I have no money saved up at all!

It all sounds too good to be true, but is it? I’m hoping that maybe everything is falling into place for me, I’ll be keeping my fingers tightly crossed and would appreciate it if you all could to!

Thanks for all your support and lovely messages. They really do cheer me up!




7 thoughts on “The journey to mine and Alfies new life #3

  1. This sounds like it’s all smoothly out for you darling. Way to go. Told you it would eventually and if this doesn’t the next one will. Looking positive. Big hugs. Thank you so much for linking up to Share WIth Me #sharewithme


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