The journey to mine and Alfies new life #2 

Im back with an update on how things are going in regards to housing for me and Alfie. 

On the council front, not a lot has changed. I bidded last week, I got on the website just after midnight on the Wednesday so I was one of the first to bid on houses but unfortunately as the days have gone by lots have others have bidded too and I’m like 50th place on the ones i so eagerly bidded on. I’m trying to keep positive but it’s becoming difficult when you hope and pray all day but it just isn’t enough.

I’ve decided to speak to a private housing liaison officer at the council and my appointment is tomorrow. I’m looking forward to discussing a different housing option but I know I may not be successful in the private housing sector as you need a finacial assessment and my money situation isn’t ideal and i don’t think I will pass this assessment.

I’m on benefits, and I only work one day a week. When alfie turns 2 he is entitled to free childcare so I do want to work part time when the time come and I am looking for something at the moment.

Even if I’m not successful with this option then at least I know I’ve tried!

Thanks for reading

Love Emma



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