Ellie Birth Story

Today’s birth story is from Ellie from Elliemulliganxxx.blogspot.com. Thanks for sharing Ellie!

Jack was due 6th February 2014, but a few days prior to that, I had been into hospital because I thought I had a show, but it turns out that i had really high blood pressure. I was put on monitoring every couple of days, and I had to take some beta blockers.Even after this, the blood pressure was still really high, they made the decision to induce me on Tuesday, 11th February.

On Monday 10th February, I went in for a monitoring update, still was high, but I went home in the afternoon. I stopped by sainsburys on the way, and started bleeding. I went back into hospital, was about 6pm at this point, and they told me part of my water had broken, and could see on the monitor my contractions were starting. I couldn’t really feel them, but as I was due to be induced the Tuesday morning anyway, they said I might as well stay in overnight. During the evening my contractions were building up and were getting stronger and stronger, to the point where I was vomiting after every one. The night staff at the hospital were really unhelpful and wouldnt even give me paracetamol. I was still on the induction ward at this point.

I was all alone, as my husband had gone home. About 9pm they said i was only 3 cm dilated and they would see me on the labour ward later, and to try and get some sleep. sleep?! after contractions and vomiting?! I dont think so! About 11pm, they came in and told me they were moving me to the labour ward and to call my husband back. He turned up, I was put on monitoring again, and was offered a bit of gas and air. I thought it was rubbish to be honest it didnt nothing to help the pain just make me feel really drunk. Basically for 5 hours I was in that room, sitting in the middle of the bed in agony. I begged for an epidural, which they said they could do, but in the mean time gave me some pethidine. It didnt really work either!

Finally the anesthetist turned up around 5 am and gave me the epidural. I was in heaven. All pain had gone! But the downside is my contractions disappeared, and the baby was getting quite stressed at this point. Previously i had felt the urge to push but i was 9cm dilated and they told me to stop. I couldnt help it, and they pushed the baby back up. At this point i was loosing lots of blood, and because the baby wasnt coming, they decided to prep me for surgery for a forceps birth. I went into surgery, they attempted the forceps, and he wouldnt budge. at this point they then decided to do an emergency c section. I needed more drugs as i was feeling sick again, so they topped up my epidural.

Jack was born at 09:05am on Tuesday, 11th February and weighed 8lbs2, but he came out blue and not breathing. He was moved to a little table where they were trying to revive him, and eventually they did, but rushed him to the special care unit. We went into recovery without our baby. I was dying to see him. I eventually got to see him about 4pm, he was in an incubator, had been given antibiotics incase he had picked up an infection, and he was all tubed up. Was heartbreaking.

Eventually 2 nights later he came onto the ward with me, was doing well, and we eventually went home on the saturday.


2 thoughts on “Ellie Birth Story

  1. Hello. I’d love to write a blog for you. I’m a writer and a mum who went through PND and was left literally holding the baby as my husband walked out on us. I talk to parents to be about how to prepare mentally for their new career.
    My debut book has won an award and it’s been received very well by my readers.
    I’d love to talk to you about this in more detail and would be happy to speak on the phone.
    Very Best wishes


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