Our first time swimming..

Ive been saying for ages that I wanted to take alfie swimming but I never get round to it. My body confidence and my self esteem have always gotten in the way of doing activities with Alfie but today I took the plunge and went swimming with my little monkey. My sister came with us to, I get worried when I go to places I don’t know.

Alfie loved it! He was abit apprehensive at the start and kept saying ‘no’ over and over again while we were getting into our swim gear and he was saying it when we got into the swimming pool area.

He eventually got used to it and loved it. I knew he would as he loves splashing and laying in the water when he has his bath.

The pool wasn’t too busy which I think helped me and alfie to ease into it without worrying about everyone else.

I am going to try and make it a weekly thing, it wasn’t too expensive. £3-30 for both of us and we were there for an hour and abit. I can’t swim and I hated it when I went at school so I want alfie to be more confident in the water than I was when I was younger.

We had a lovely time and it was lovely to see alfie smiling, squealing and giggling in the water.



Thanks for reading,

Love Emma & Alfie.


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