Monthly bucket list #1

I always have a list of things I want to do that I never fulfill, but I really do want to try and do things that I say I will do. I found this linky through Twitter, hosted by and thought what a great idea for a linky. blogging has always helped me fulfil my dreams as the support from my blogging friends always give me that extra push. 

So there is only a couple of little things that I want to make sure I do within the next couple of weeks and that is-

Take Alfie to a playgroup session at the surestart centre, ive been saying for months and months that I want to take Alfie along to the sessions that they do at the surestart centre so he can meet new friends and have a social life. My confidence has always pulled me back but I’m hoping with your support I can push myself to do it!

I’ve also come up with one for myself too- I want to have one day where I do something for myself, do something I enjoy and be me. I’m off this Friday evening so I’m hoping I’ll be going out with my sister while alfie is at his daddies. I need some time to enjoy myself again- I neglect myself, my world is Alfie so I don’t come til last now but that’s one that I would like to do if I manage to find the time. 

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2 thoughts on “Monthly bucket list #1

  1. The SureStart group was the first I took all of mine to and we loved it. Charlie is now at school with people we met there. It can feel so daunting and scary but I find it easier to talk to the others kids. Maybe go a little early so you’re the first there & don’t have to do the daunting thing of having to walk in to a room full.
    Enjoy your evening. It’s definitely important to make time for you as you’re not just “Alfie’s mom” but also Emma xx
    Thanks so much for linking xx


  2. These are two brilliant goals. I was invited to a post-natal group at our local SureStart Centre when Little Miss H was 6 weeks old. Attending was one of the best things that I have done. I made the most wonderful friends there and Little Miss H loves her little pals that she has now known for almost 2 years. And it is very important that you take some time for you. You are special and precious and you need to treat yourself now and then. Good luck. Hugs Mrs H xxxx #MyMonthlyBucketList


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