Sophie Birth Story

We’re back with another birth story from the lovely Sophie from mummandmore. Thank you for sharing your story Sophie!

Matilda was due on the 1st November. I never really thought that she would come on time, but you always think that there maybe that chance. I had a cervical sweep on my due date, but she wasn’t able to do a full one as it was too uncomfortable. They told me to come back at 40+5 days so I did. This time they did manage to sweep properly, so I was ever hopeful that something would happen that day. Safe to say it didn’t!
The afternoon of the 6th November, I was getting fed up of waiting, I just wanted to meet my little girl. I remember it plain as day…it was raining and cold, and so what better thing to do than drag myself and hubby round Richmond Park hills! I had read about all these different ways to bring on labour, but the one that I really believed in was a brisk walk. So thats what we did!
I really went for it, the hills didn’t know what hit them!!
That evening, I hadn’t felt anything, not even a twinge. So, we had a lovely evening in, and the first time in a very long time we had a late night. Typical!
The twinges started at around 11.30pm that night…I’d barely slept at all when they started. They were pretty intense. I could barely sit/lie down. These went on for a while and hubby was tracking them. It got to about 2.30am and I couldn’t really cope much more, so rang the hospital. We got in to reception and waited what seemed like hours to be seen. Eventually, they got round to examining me, only to be told that I wasn’t in labour at all, it was “pre-labour”, they couldn’t even feel my cervix. I had never even heard of this before…it was not the news I was wanting. They told me to go home and have a bath and take some paracetamol, as I could be in for a long labour! We got home around 4am and hubby ran me a lovely bath and I took the tablets. They didn’t even touch the sides! If anything the bath made it worse, as the last thing I wanted to do was sit down. All I did was pace around my living room doing a lot of heavy breathing!
I told hubby to go to bed as there was no point in both of us being tired, and there was nothing really that he could do. So I stayed in the living room watching Barack Obama get re-elected…thats something that I will never forget!
Hubby got up at around 6.30am and made me a crumpet..I couldn’t even eat it, I took one bite and couldn’t eat anymore.
At 07.30 my show came, I thought it was my waters going, I think it may have been a bit of there was a lot of fluid. We rang the hospital and they asked if I could hold on any longer. I remember saying “are you serious!?”
So, we went into hospital. This time it did take forever to be seen. I just couldn’t stand still…all I did was pace around everywhere. I finally got in to be examined, to be told that I was 5cm dilated!! So, I was admitted to the labour ward. I didn’t want any drugs and planned a water birth so they put me into a temporary room until the pool became available. A few minutes later I was told that both pools were in use. It was pretty disappointing, but I had the birthing ball and I seemed to be coping quite well on no drugs.
My midwife, Barbara, was really lovely and was very helpful. She offered me the gas and air…I was told to take 3 deep breaths, and unfortunately, I took them a bit too much and was sick. It put me off taking the gas and air, because I didn’t want to be sick again. The pain got gradually stronger and so eventually started using the G&A again.
At about 11am, I started feeling the urge to push…the midwife told me that I couldn’t be as it had only been a couple of hours! Well, I was ready to push, so I got onto the bed to be examined and the midwifes face dropped.
They told Hubby to push the emergency red button. All I remember them  saying is, “It’s a foot, it’s a foot!” I must have been examined by about 3 midwives and then they called in lots of doctors, who also examined me. They told me that she was coming feet first (Footling Breech) and what were my thoughts on a C-Section. I remember just telling them that I didn’t care as long as she was going to be ok. In the end it was too late to go in for a C-Section and that it would have to be done naturally and just on gas and air! They rushed me round to the doctor led unit and strapped me up to a heart monitor to make sure she was going to be alright. My legs were put up in stirrups, with hubby on one side and the head midwife on the other. Not the way I wanted my labour to go, but thats the way it is, right!? They did an episiotomy…this was the bit that hubby always goes on about, as apparently it wasn’t a pretty sight!
There were so many doctors and midwives in the room, they had never seen a breech baby been born naturally before, thankfully I was away on the G&A and the Head Midwife was talking me through it all, so I was in good hands and didn’t care who was watching!
Matilda was finally born after about 45 minutes of pushing, she was put on me very briefly where they also noticed the cord was around her neck, she was then taken away from me to be checked over. It seemed like forever that I was waiting to hear that little cry, but when she let rip, it made me cry and the relief was over whelming. She was weighed and wrapped up very snuggly and handed to me. She was so very tiny and weighed a light 7lb 1oz.
M was born at 12.55pm. They told me that I was to stay the night, as she needed to be checked over. Fortunately, I was given a single room, so could settle in and not worry about other ladies. I was very fragile and could barely sit down. All the midwives on duty that night were wonderful and very helpful. Hubby had to leave at 7pm unfortunately, this was the worst thing, as I really wanted him to stay. I didn’t get much sleep that night, as I was so worried about M. I’m not sure why. I kept buzzing my bell just to have someone to talk to and reassure me. I was so very emotional.
The next morning we had to wait for the checks to be done and then to be discharged. All the checks went well, but we were told that she would need a hip scan at 6 weeks to make sure her hips were developing ok, thankfully they are! We were discharged around 4pm, thats when our lives as a family as 3 really started!
I can’t really believe that I did it naturally, to be honest. I sometimes think about it when I’m looking at M. I’m so thankful for all the staff that helped and assisted me, as life could have been so different!




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