First time at the cinema..

Alfie is always a very a good boy so I decided he deserved a treat and what better treat for a toddler than to see Peppa pig at the cinema! It was alfies first ever time at the cinema so I wasn’t sure how he would react to the unfamiliar environment.

He quite enjoyed it, unsurprisingly he got fidgety towards the end. He’s a toddler so it’s what I expected anyway.

It was the perfect way to introduce him to the cinema by watching something that he already knows and loves.

Peppa pig: the golden boots wasn’t a film, like some people have thought. It’s a few episodes you already know and then a new ‘extended’ episode- The golden boots. It’s presented by 3 of the milkshake presenters and they try to get you all involved. Dancing, singing and ‘oinking’.

Overall, it was an ok first experience. I think I will wait a little longer to take him to the cinema properly. A film would be too long for him and I know he wouldn’t sit through. You can only distract them for so long with sweets!



2 thoughts on “First time at the cinema..

  1. Cool sounds fun and great that Alfie enjoyed it. We were thinking of taking Baby L to a parent and baby screening of a film the other day, but decided that if she wasn’t crying, chances are another baby would be, so we decided to stay at home 🙂


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