Boys and toys..

Boys should only have blue and girls should only have pink…

Boys shouldn’t play with dolls and girls shouldn’t play with footballs…

(I don’t agree with this comment by the way)

Ooooh my gosh…. Seriously??!?

I had an argument about this exact topic today, I don’t know why I get so annoyed by people saying this but I just do.

Why can’t boys have pink and why can’t girls have blue!?

What’s the issue here?

A toy is a toy.. Weather it’s for a girl or not. If a child is happy playing with it then why wouldn’t you encourage they’re imaginative play. Alfie loves to play with his pushchair, and I’ve had many disapproving looks from members of the public- mainly men if I’m completely honest. I’m not saying all men as Alfies dad has come to terms with the fact that alfie loves being a ‘daddy’ to igglepiggle and push him around in the pushchair. I think alfie enjoys it because he’s copying me and being a ‘grown up’. It’s the same with play kitchens… They used to be pink but I have noticed they do them in more neutral colours now a days and it’s such a refreshing change than just seeing them in the girls section and bright pink.

I just don’t get the problem, if someone can explain to me why it’s so wrong can you please let me know.




8 thoughts on “Boys and toys..

  1. Great rant sweet I totally agree to the point I brought my three children two boys and a girl my little ponies for Xmas, my children play with chuggington, wwe figures, marvel figures, dolls house, a pink kitchen and L-As first proper word was football, she loves watching sports on tv as much as the boys and they love watching so to say ‘girlie’ as there labelled programmes like my little pony and care bears but at the end off the day it’s them that enjoy watching the programmes and playing with all the ‘boys/girl’s’ it makes them happy so who am I to tell them no thats a girl / boy toy/programme u can’t watch it or play with it


  2. Completely agree! When I’ve corrected people about my daughter being a girl, I’ve actually gotten this response: “But, she isn’t wearing pink.” (It was an orange top) Seriously???? Um. Because there are other colours and girls don’t have to be decked out in pink all the time (although, it can be difficult to find clothes that DON’T have pink… but that’s a completely different rant…). My little girl loves playing with the car and bus toys at stay and play, and there are always plenty of boys playing with the baby dolls and prams. Who cares? Let them have fun. They’ll have to deal with enough gender-stereotyping bs when they’re older. *deep breath* 🙂


  3. I love this. I don’t get the who gender toy thing as men have babies, and women drive cars so why should the toy version be any different? At playgroup Rio will spend ages in the kitchen, and the lady said ‘he’s been watching you’.. no, he’s been watching his daddy, I don’t and cant cook! .. the pink and blue thing is strange as I’ve never told Rio one was for each gender but he automatically gives me pink and says the blue is his because he’s a boy. Very strange.. I guess they pick up on advertising etc more than we realise. Good on you for giving him a pushchair and letting him be a little daddy x


  4. Totally agree! Love this. My boys have this pushchair – and a blue baby doll along with a shopping trolley! They have a best friend who is a girl so they do wear hair band and play with girlie toys and I’m more than ok with this! All these things give them imagination xx


  5. Hear hear! Girls and boys can play with any toy they like. I don’t like how some companies market toys towards one gender over the other. As you say a toy is a toy! Thanks for linking up the #BinkyLinky


  6. I love this and an angle that isn’t spoken about anywhere near enough. To be honest with you some men get ticked off when people assume dads cant parent as well as mums, and these ‘low lives’ are giving you looks because your’ll little boy is playing ‘dad’ that doesn’t add up in my head. Do they not see dads pushing their children around? I do a lot. I think its lovely just as lovely as a little boy copying his mum as that’s all he knows. So stupid the innocence of a child is ruined by people with negative views like that. xx


  7. I bought my son a little kitchen for Christmas and my dad was so shocked…..”but he’s a boy!!”. And I think its great when parents let their children decide for themselves what toys they like – a friend of mine bought her son a pram and two babies and he looks adorable pushing them along and he certainly doesn’t care that its meant to be for a girl! x


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