Where’s my baby gone?

Last week, I got Alfies Moses basket out the loft and ready to sell. If I had my way I would keep it forever but because I live at my dads and there’s 7 of us living in this house we just practically had no room to store it.

I sold it to a lady by me for a small amount, I didn’t ask for a lot as she needs it more than me.

But when I gave it over to her, a mass of emotion came over me and hit me like a ton of bricks.

My baby is 2 in April and it only seems like the other day that I was cuddling my squidgy new born in my arms and putting him down to sleep in that very Moses basket.

I know that time goes on and people grow. But why is it so hard?

I love watching my baby grow but- time, please slow down abit!!



One thought on “Where’s my baby gone?

  1. aww what a lovely post! I’ve not sold a thing! I’d be the same as you! Balling my eyes out! But They do grow up so quickly! My boys 8 months on Saturday and I have no idea where the past 8 months have gone! Hope you and Alfie are doing great! Xx


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