A walk around the woods

I love walking around our local wood/park, I never used to but I love showing Alfie all the nature surrounding us
and seeing all the little animals we can spot.

We look for sticks and leaves and make collages when we get home.

The benefits of walking are brilliant at Alfies age- hes being active and he’s learning all about the environment without even knowing it.

He likes to watch the ducks and feed them bread and he also runs around looking for squirrels in the trees and on the ground searching for food.

I would love for the weather to pick up soon as it’s been so cold and snowing! That we haven’t been able to get out as much as we would like to. Alfie hates wearing gloves and hats so I don’t allow him to stay out in the cold for too long. *over protective mum alert*

Another one of our favourites when we go to the park is jumping in muddy puddles just like good old peppa!

We miss our walks in the park, playing football and going on the swings. We did it all the time in the summer and Alfie absolutely adored it!

I find walking also really helps me with my PND, getting out in the fresh air and spending quality time with my boy seeing him smiling and laughing is one of the things that’s gets me through the day.

Hurry up sunshine, we want you to come back now!!!


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