When are you having another baby?

I get asked this question a lot, and the answer is always ‘don’t know yet’..

I would LOVE another baby, I loved being pregnant and I loved having a tiny little squishy newborn to have cuddles with all day.

When is the right time? I guess it’s different for everyone- I would love a brother or sister for Alfie
and I know he would make an amazing brother to a sibling. He’s so loving and gentle with babies and finds them fascinating. I’ve always wanted babies close in age so they always have a ‘friend’.

The moment isn’t right for us at the minute, I don’t live with my boyfriend. We live apart. It’s hard- I bring up Alfie all week and then we only see him on weekends. Thankfully, we are looking for houses and saving up and we’re hoping to have somewhere at the beginning of next year.

In the back of my head, I’m scared of having another baby. I got post natal depression and still do suffer with it so how would I be able to bring up two? Alfie is stressful enough of his own but adding another to the mix would just be so hard.

As much as I’m broody- I know it’s best to wait to add another baby to our family. And when we do I will appreciate it a whole lot more.


5 thoughts on “When are you having another baby?

  1. I know what you mean, I often get asked this question and as much as I loved being pregnant and having Archie, I know I’m so not ready to do it again quite yet! xx


  2. The right time will come and only you will know what the right gap will be 🙂 we had a small gap but I can totally see the appeal in waiting until the other sibling is older and can help out etc. Good luck with the house.. we’re buying our first in the summer and it’s already stressing me out! Xx


  3. There’s only 19 months between my 2 and whilst I love how close they are the first couple months were amazing yet also horrendous as my toddler hated his baby brother! wouldn’t change it now but man was it hard!!
    I think it’s always down to when it feels right for you and not when everywhere else almost pressures you into it! X


  4. It’s different for everyone but it’s up to you and when you feel the time is ready. I’d like to have another soon but we are not really trying to conceive. It’s just a ‘if it happens it happens’ kinda thing. There’s no rush. I’m enjoying my time with jace and enjoy learning and growing as a mother x


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